MFOPT is a MATLAB library for solving variational problems with total variation-based regularization and arbitrary data terms for functions that are constrained to values in a manifold. The library includes implementations for

  • Euclidean spaces R^n,
  • n-dimensional unit spheres S^n,
  • the Moebius band,
  • the three-dimensional rotation group SO(3).

Other manifolds can be easily added due to the modular structure.

Download: MFOPT project page


DIFFOP is a MATLAB library for quickly generating a matrix representation of differential operators, or any other affine operators, from native MATLAB expressions.

For a quick introduction, see the DIFFOP Manual.

Download: Current version of DIFFOP


COAL is a C++ library for implementing and solving convex energy minimization problems. Objective functions are combined from reusable parts that only have to be implemented once, and can then be easily passed to various solvers.

Download: Current version of COAL at SourceForge


mConnect is a Mathematica extension to conveniently run MATLAB scripts from within Mathematica notebooks and pass data between Mathematica and MATLAB.

Download: Current version of mConnect

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